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#1 Directory of Metalwork Art and Rustic Décor Craftsmen and Retailers in the USA and Canada.

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The art of working metal

Tom Metalwork Art Directory.  Hi, I'm Tom, the editor of this site and I'm glad you stopped by for a visit.  To me there is something romantic about metalwork art. It beckons us to times long past when men labored over a wood-fired forge and hammered red-hot metal into useful shapes.  What was once an occupation of necessity has evolved into present day ornamental art.

The industrial revolution all but eliminated the blacksmith from the American landscape. With the exception of 'farriers' (blacksmiths who make and fit horse shoes), the common village smithy virtually disappeared, but the blacksmiths art has survived as you will discover while reading about the talented craftsmen showcased throughout this site. Rustic Furniture Sale

Modern Blacksmiths 

The modern blacksmith seldom uses a bellows or fuels his forge with wood, but the skills required to fashion metal remain the same and the results of his efforts are now used to accentuate and Décorate our homes, offices and public buildings. 

Metalworking is one of those "Old World" skills that now employs modern technology including plasma cutting machines, acetylene torches and electric welders, but the art of hammering and shaping metals is considered a fine art.  This directory features metalsmith's websites in the United States and Canada.  Today's blacksmith is more of an artisan than a tradesman as illustrated in this magnificent wall hanging below by Randall Zwingler, a co-founder of, and he is nationally recognized. His wall hangings are beautifully crafted, yet very affordable.

Beautifully crafted and offered in two different finishes.

Metalwork Art and Decor

What you will find in this directory...

The Metalwork Art Directory provides listings of artisans and companies with their public contact information so that you can communicate with them directly.  We also offer an extensive description, which will help you to find the company or products you are looking for.  Plus, we include a thumbnail of the company's website as shown below...

 Art for your walls, tables and cabinets

Note: We have the largest listing of metalwork artisans online, but if your company isn't listed, add your website here for free! 

Metal art for kitchen & bath

Metalwork art for bath and kitchen

Rustic metal towel bars hand crafted in Colorado.

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Does one work metal, or work with metal?

There is an important distinction that needs to be made between  working with metal and working metal.  Countless artists and craftsmen work with metal; cutting it, bending, welding and so forth.  A true blacksmith however, works the metal by fire and hammer and sweat - shaping his ingot into any form he chooses to create.

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Metal Art Wall Hangings

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